Mine & Some I Adopted

Mine & Some I Adopted

Totally solo album. Winner of Australian Chain Blues Awards 2006…

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Totally solo album
Winner of Australian Chain Blues Awards 2006:

  • Best Australian Blues Album
  • Best Male Blues Vocalist
  • Best Blues Song

Includes lyrics for (19) nineteen songs
All Dutch Tilders songs produced by Peanuts Promotions

Teaser (I’m A Bluesman):

Song List:

  1. Step A Little Lighter
  2. Going Back To The City
  3. Cryin’ Won’t Make Me Stay
  4. Good Morning Cigarette
  5. Paraplue
  6. Nobody Knows You (When You’re Down And Out)
  7. Knocking On The Door Of Your Heart
  8. House Of The Rising Sun
  9. Hey Baby Hey
  1. St James Infirmary
  2. Smokin’ Woman
  3. Them That’s Got
  4. When I Get Back On My Feet Again
  5. Willie Mae
  6. Stoned Again
  7. I’m A Bluesman
  8. 21st Birthday Rag
  9. Chimney Sweep
  10. Sad Dog