Peanuts Promotions

Music Promotion and Artist Management Since 1990
Executor of Dutch Tilders’ Estate

Lynne Peanuts WrightDutch and Peanuts
Peanuts Promotions is run by Lynne ‘Peanuts’ Wright, manager and promoter for the great Dutch Tilders, the grand master of Australian Blues. All who are familiar with Dutch Tilders and Australian Blues music and artists, are aware that, for the last decade of his life, Dutch rarely made a move without ‘Peanuts’ by his side until he sadly passed away on 23rd April, 2011, after his battle with cancer.Peanuts, determined to “keep the faith”, is Executor of Dutch Tilders’ Estate and Successor to Dutch Tilders’ Music Title/s. His music is copyrighted to Peanuts Publishing, and exclusive to Peanuts Promotions (in →Merchandise).

Peanuts has worked with and promoted many Australian artists over the years.

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