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Peanuts Promotions: Why and How – Peanuts and Dutch

Lynne Peanuts WrightLynne ‘Peanuts’ Wright is a well-known, highly-successful Australian Blues promoter, but it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get there. Today she is more than willing to teach other aspiring entrepreneurs how to be successful, and/or teach artists how to be their own promoters.

Peanuts was always a music lover, following live acts wherever and whenever she could; acts such as Billy Thorpe, Dutch Tilders, Chain, ACDC, Midnight Oil, Jenny Morris, Jethro Tull –– and the list goes on. She was a music addict. Her infectious enthusiasm for live entertainment was acknowledged and appreciated by the performers and they welcomed her into their circle. For many years, she volunteered her services to the music industry, helping to reduce the behind-the-scenes turmoil of stage performances. In the mid-nineties, her close friend, Sue Nightingale, sternly advised Peanuts to do something more tangible to satisfy her ‘addiction’; to expand upon her ever-growing list of contacts and her knowledge and understanding of the music world. Thus, Peanuts became an Agent.

It was a rocky road, rarely was there a smooth patch. Peanuts found that venues would often listen to her promotional talks, then make efforts to contact the artists individually in the attempt to ‘cut out the middle-man’. But the artists, and many of the venues, soon found it was easier to have Peanuts tend to the bumps and potholes of the negotiations and arrangements, making their own roads a lot smoother.

Over the course of those first few years, Dutch Tilders watched Peanuts at work, and recognised her as very much a lady of honour and diligence; recognised that she held the same principles as he did. He chose her as his manager, knowing that he could happily concentrate on his music while Peanuts tended to all the other aspects of his life; leaving him free to do what he did best – play his guitar and sing the Blues. Peanuts became his ‘right hand’, and Dutch became her best friend and mentor. When Dutch died in April 2011, leaving many fans in mourning, he bequeathed his estate to Peanuts, knowing that she will never allow the legacy of his music to fade away; knowing she will live by his favourite motto “Keep the Faith”.

The best advice that Peanuts can offer any young musician, or indeed any person with any dream in any field, is to find a mentor. The best way to learn is to follow a wise man/woman.

Peanuts chose the world of Blues over and above any other genre because she found it to be a world of love and kinship. Musicians, singers, and even the listeners are united in their appreciation for the ‘story-telling’ that is Blues. There is no boo-ing on a Blues night. No need to be tough or rough; just true to yourselves and the music.

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