This album was recorded at Trafalgar Recording Studios, Sydney, Australia on the 23rd and 24th of June 1975.


  • Vocals and Acoustic Guitar – Dutch Tilders
  • Electric Guitar – Phil Colson
  • Tenor Sax – Don Reid (courtesy of EME Aust.)
  • Trumpet – Keith Dubber
  • Electric Bass – John Power (coutesy of Real Records)
  • Drums – Rick Lock

Track Titles

  1. Make Up Your Bed (M. Tilders)
  2. Diddie Wa Diddie (Arthur “Blind Blake” Phelps)
  3. I’m A Mean Mistreater (White – Henricks)
  4. Just A Dream (Broonzy)
  5. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Harburd – Arlen)
  6. Good Morning Blues (Leadbetter)
  7. Next In Line (M. Tilders)
  8. Lonesome Dog Blues (Lightnin’ Hopkins)
  9. All Round Man (Bo Carter)
  10. Little Girl Blues (M. Tilders)
  11. 21st Birthday Rag (M. Tilders)
  12. Frivolous Sal (Dresser)
  13. High Heel Sneakers (Higgenbothom)

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