Eureka Files 1975-1980


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This CD of out-takes and previously unreleased material will add to your collection of Dutch Tilders wonderful past. The spontaneity of these out-takes shows the reality of recording an album Live. Two previously unreleased tracks, ‘Candyman’ and ‘Times are Getting Tougher Than Tough’, were found among the reels of tape in perfect order. This compilation of masters, out-takes and previously unreleased tracks on CD finally covered all four Eureka Records favourites.

Dutch Tilders and Eureka Records  were successful pioneers of the Direct to Disc method in Australia.  Dutch’s insistence on his music always being recorded live provided the perfect opportunity.  The band would play each side directly onto the cutting lathe in another room, keeping the sound pure with none of the loss of quality usually associated with the transfer of tape to tape.  After two takes, the final mix was put down and the etched metal disc could be delivered to the factory for vinyl pressing.  A quarter–inch reel tape was used as a back-up and captured some exciting passages in songs.  Both ‘Direct’ and ‘The Blues Had A Baby’ albums still give the engineers and everyone involved, nightmares to this day.”

Track Listing:

  1. Baby What’s Wrong (Trad arr. Tilders) 3:10
  2. Good Morning Blues (Leadbetter) 4:54
  3. Just a Dream (Broonzy) 3:44
  4. Writing You This Letter (M. Tilders) 3:00
  5. Next In Line (M. Tilders) 6:28
  6. Candyman (J. Hurt) 3:32
  7. 21st Birthday Rag (M. Tilders) 2:15
  8. Don’t You Tell On Me 2:25
  9. Stoned Again (M. Tilders) 2:25
  10. Times Are Getting Tougher Than Tough (Witherspoon) 2:42
  11. Something To Work On (K. Boritch/M. Tilders) 2:50
  12. Worried Life Blues (Merriweather) 3:11
  13. Good Morning Cigarette (M. Tilders) 2:32
  14. Long Tall Mama (Broonzy) 2:38
  15. Don’t Take Long (M. Tilders) 2:42
  16. The Hunter (Booker T. & The MGs) 3:10



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