Going On A Journey

Going On A Journey

Anthology of 50 great years of playing the Blues.

Full description

Shortly before the cancer finally defeated him, Dutch recorded this album as a farewell to the faithful. Individual tracks can be downloaded from the Singles category.

Teaser (Going On A Journey):

Song List:

  1. Dutchman’s Blues
  2. Going On A Journey
  3. Next In Line
  4. Make Up Your Bed
  5. Don’t You Tell On Me
  6. Little Girl Blues
  7. Imagination Blues
  8. Bad Books
  9. When I Get Back On My Feet Again
  10. I’m A Bluesman
  11. Smokin’ Woman
  12. Back To The City
  13. Paraplue
  14. The Blues Has Been My Life
  15. Cryin’ Won’t Make Me Stay
  16. Been A Good Time Here